Kangaroos are well-known for their rippling muscle and their impressive appearance. They sport wide chests, firm abdominals and bulging arms. Males are usually bigger than females, and they often dominate their mobs. This muscular physique is not simply an accident. In fact, it has a very functional purpose: it helps them grow and fight. And they need all that muscle to survive in the harsh Australian environment.

6.5ft kangaroo flaunts impressive muscles while sunbathing

In Brisbane, Australia, a 6.5ft kangaroo is setting himself apart from his neighbors by exhibiting his enormous body muscles and impeccable workout routine. While sunbathing, he propping himself up by his elbow, displaying his toned biceps. Regardless of his size, his physique is a testament to the importance of physical fitness in this region.

6.5ft kangaroo fights for dominance

Red kangaroos are the largest land mammal in Australia and the largest marsupial. They are herbivores and mainly feed on green vegetation. These creatures fight for dominance by square-dancing and throwing punches. They also engage in scratching, kicking, and wrestling. Female kangaroos give birth to only one baby at a time. The young males usually engage in playfights with each other. The babies are small, only the size of a grain of rice!

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6.5ft kangaroo eats trees

If you’ve never heard of a 6.5ft kangaroo that eats trees, you’re in for a surprise. This animal primarily eats leaves, but it has also been known to eat meat. Despite its unique diet, this kangaroo lives only on two islands in the rainforest, the Umboi and Huon peninsulas. This unique animal is named after a German biologist who first discovered its distinctive shape.

6.5ft kangaroo uses three legs

A 6.5ft kangaroo appears to show off his toned biceps in a series of photos taken by a 50-year-old photographer. Deborah Schutz captured the stunning photos of this kangaroo at Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide, Australia. While kangaroos are very gentle creatures, they do have a strong defensive instinct and will use their claws to defend themselves.

6.5ft kangaroo uses claws

A 6.5ft kangaroo is a formidable animal, but the biggest concern when confronted with one is safety. These creatures have sharp claws and can slash through human flesh and bones with ease. The large claws on their hind legs allow kangaroos to grab trees and other tall branches, and they can even use them for grooming themselves. Kangaroos are social animals, living in mobs. They can protect each other by tapping their large claws on the ground.

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