What happens if someone dies on a Tuesday? The traditional belief is that the Angel of Death will arrive when someone dies on Tuesday. Superstitious people will watch with baited breath for the next person to die on Tuesday. The orthodox Muslim belief is that the appearance of someone on a Tuesday will lead them to ill health or death. Superstitious people may also perform sraddhas for the deceased.

Superstitious folks wait with baited breath to see who’s next

If someone dies on a Tuesday, it’s said that the person who died on that day will be the next to die on Tuesday. While the superstitious beliefs are based on Jewish traditions, some have been adapted by Southerners. The Southern version recommends covering mirrors after someone dies, and stopping clocks at the time of death to ensure that the departed can enter the afterlife without hurrying.

Another superstition pertains to the eyes of the dead. Some superstitions say that looking into a corpse’s eyes will make them ill and lead to danger. Other superstitions suggest that looking into the deceased’s eyes after death spells trouble for the living. Those who survive death on a Tuesday slide the eyelids shut before walking past the corpse.

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orthodox Muslim belief that when someone dies the Angel of Death arrives

The Angel of Death is an ancient Jewish myth. According to the myth, death comes to the body of the dying on Tuesdays. It is believed that the Angel of Death is a vigilant reaper, old man with a sword, wanderer, peddler, and Arab nomad. This being of death only has a limited lifespan. It depends on God’s orders. Thankfully, there are remedies and weapons against the Angel of Death.

In Islam, death is the stage when the spirit leaves the body and travels to heaven. During this journey, the angels question the soul, inform it of its fate in heaven, and give it a tour of hell. But, as with any death, there is no certainty about what happens after death. This uncertainty and the fear of reincarnation have led many to believe that the Angel of Death is responsible for people’s deaths.

sraddhas performed on a person’s death

Sraddhas, or rites performed on a person’s death, are based on the Hindu belief that the deceased soul resides in the pitr-loka region. In the Hindu dharmasastras, ancestor worship is a major topic, dating back to the Indo-Iranian period. Hindus believed that these rituals were vital to the continuation of their race and family.

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The rites that follow a Sraddha are performed on a specific lunar day during the month of Pitru Paksha. The person’s ancestor, typically a paternal grandparent, is the one who is being remembered. Certain types of deaths are also assigned special days for Sraddhas. Here is a brief description of some of these rituals:

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