The first two parts of Velan movie review are about its cast and technical aspects. The first part covers the cast of Mugen Rao and Thambi Ramaiah, while the third half concentrates on the film’s story and the performance of Meenakshi. The technical factors include sound quality, colour palette, cinematography and the use of digital effects. You can expect a good story with good characters and good direction, but there are some shortcomings.

Mugen Rao

Mugen Rao is a hunky college student with a lot of charm. He falls in love with his collegemate Ananya and plans to marry her. Unfortunately, Velan’s father is an influential man. A mistake made by his father threatens his love for Ananya. Ultimately, Velan must choose between love and duty to save his girlfriend’s life. This Mugen Rao movie review will provide some insight into his performance.

The film is a charming family entertainer, and Mugen Rao is a confident young actor. His character tries to make the best of his limited English and he eventually succeeds. However, the film’s plot is a little too predictable. While Velan is a touching tale about a boy and his father, it also touches on his emotional relationship with his father. The film also reveals the deep-seated spite that exists between the Mugen family and the antagonist of the film.

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Thambi Ramaiah

The latest Tamil romantic comedy film, Velan, stars Thambi Ramaiah. College teacher Velan falls in love with college student Ananya. He plans to marry her, but his father is an influential man. A mistake by his father threatens to derail their romance. Read on to find out what happens in this heartwarming movie. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

A carefree young man named Velan gets into college, but he’s the bane of his village’s bigwig. But after being accepted into college, he falls in love with Ananya, a girl from the college. His father is married to a woman named Vidusha, whom he mistakes as a girl. However, Velan’s father has a grudge against the girl and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to defame him.


In this Meenakshi in Velan movie review, we look at the film’s love story. The protagonist, Velan, has fallen in love with his collegemate Ananya and has plans to marry her. Unfortunately, Velan’s influential father has a mistake that threatens their romance. After the mistake, Velan and Ananya’s relationship begins to unravel. This Meenakshi in Velan movie review reveals the story’s romantic twists and turns.

The first half of this film is largely a generic family drama with a simple plot. The plot thickens a little during the first half as Velan attempts to impress Ananya. However, the climax stretches out a little too much and becomes too overblown and melodramatic for its own good. Fortunately, the second half of Velan works to make up for it and leave the movie’s weak beginning on an upbeat note.

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Hareesh Peradi

In Velan, Hareesh Peradi plays the role of a college professor who falls in love with his collegemate Ananya. The two plan to get married, but the influence of his father interferes in their romance. The two men must face their father’s consequences and overcome obstacles to continue their relationship. A movie review by Hareesh Peradi gives an insightful insight into the film’s story.

Mugen Rao makes an enviable lead, but his comic timing is off. He should work on some of the emotionally tense scenes, such as the ending. The veteran Prabhu is impressive, while Thambi Ramaiah is decent. Soori plays a key role in the second half. Although this Tamil movie is not groundbreaking, it is a good rural family entertainer. Though the script is predictable, the humor and emotions make it a watchable movie.


The trailer of Velan recently sparked a lot of hype. It has been viewed more than 10 lakh times within a week. The trailer is a fine example of technical work by K.Sarathkumar. Music is by Gopi Sundar, while the dialogues are written by Chandran Pachamuthu and Savarimuthu. The film has a runtime of 132 minutes.

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The story revolves around a college student named Velan who falls in love with his Malayali college mate Ananya. But the match is fixed by Velan’s father accidentally. His sister is married off to an MLA from Palakkad. But a love triangle develops and Velan becomes the victim of revenge. The film is a sad love story that reveals how much each character loves the other.

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