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If you’re curious about Manoj Dey’s net worth, you’ve come to the right place. You can now discover his income and family information. In this article, we will also tell you about Manoj Dey’s girlfriend. First, let’s talk about his education. Manoj Dey was born in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, India. He was raised in a very poor family. He enrolled in a government school for primary education and finished his schooling with an ITI degree. He then moved to the city and began teaching at a Government school when he was 16.

manoj dey net worth

Before establishing his net worth, Manoj Dey started teaching tuition to children while still in class twelve. While studying in school, he was always worried about his future and began teaching children as a means of earning money. He even sold a laptop he had received from his father to buy an Internet connection. Today, his net worth is estimated at $500,000! Read on to learn more about his career path and his net worth!

The Indian Youtuber is a popular name in his home country of India and is well-known for his content. His channel is mainly related to technology and vlogs. As of 2017, his income ranges between one and two lakhs. Although he is single and focusing on his YouTube Channel, his rumored girlfriend is Jyoti Shree Mahato, who is also his friend. They come from the same village and are closely related.

manoj dey Biography

Biography of Manoj Dey begins from his humble beginnings. The native of Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Dey is the youngest of three brothers. His father is a cycle mechanic and his mother is a housewife. Dey attended a government school, then went on to complete his ITI degree after graduation. Despite his low-income background, he was able to achieve great success.

Dey started out teaching English to his classmates when he was in 12th grade. He was worried about his future as a teacher, but saw a video of Dharmendra Kumar earning money online. Eventually, he created a youtube channel to upload cover songs and videos. After a year, he closed the channel due to connectivity issues. However, his success and influence has since continued to grow.

Aside from his YouTube channel, Manoj also has a Vlog channel with over 750k subscribers. He has an impressive social media following as well, with 363k followers on Instagram and more than 200k on Facebook. On Twitter, Manoj Dey has a following of 33k people. His childhood was humble – he was born in a small town in Jharkhand. However, he was smart and determined enough to work hard for his success.

Despite being just twenty-four years old, Manoj Dey’s success is a testament to hard work. Whether he is creating videos on how to install new apps, promoting new hardware, or teaching students about his favorite topics, the YouTuber has worked hard to earn his wealth. His hard work has paid off and his videos are watched by millions of people across the world. If you are interested in learning about Manoj Dey’s life and success, this article is for you.

Manjoy Dey Girlfriend

Manoj Dey has no girlfriend. However, he has shared videos with several girls. He has a crush on jyoti shree mahato, and both are active on YouTube. Their relationship is not serious, but their relationship is growing. In addition to their love life, they have a close bond. Manoj Dey’s parents are cycle mechanics and he is a vegetarian.

manoj dey Income

When Manoj Dey was in class twelve, he started teaching tuition to children. His father was a bicycle mechanic. He was always worried about his future and couldn’t afford an Internet connection. After seeing a video about making money online on My Smart Support, Manoj Dey decided to start teaching tuitions online to earn some extra money. Soon after, he was earning over Rs. 25,000 a month, and has continued to grow as an instructor ever since.

When Jio internet came to India, Manoj Dey decided to make a YouTube channel and earn some extra money. The Jio internet changed his life and inspired him to make his own YouTube channel. In 2016, he started a channel called Technical Manoj. On his channel, he uploaded videos about various lifestyle topics. Today, it has over 750K subscribers. Manoj Dey is the most subscribed YouTuber in India.

manoj dey Family

The manoj dey family has a story to tell and it is not an ordinary one. He was born into a poor family. His father works as a bicycle mechanic while his mother is a housewife. He attended a government school and later did an ITI degree after graduation. In his spare time, he gives tuition to children in Dhanbad. His dream is to get into IIT. His parents are very proud of him and support him in every way possible.

Manoj Dey’s birthplace was in Jharkhand, India. He was poor and belong to middle-class family. His father worked in a cycle repair shop. He then finished his schooling from an unknown government school in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, and eventually got his higher education in his native state of Tamil Nadu. After graduation, he was inspired by the owner of a YouTube channel called My Smart Support, Dharmendar Sir.

Manoj Dey’s education

Manoj Dey’s education began as a difficult journey. Although he wanted to pursue a BTech degree after completing his 12th standard, his father was not in a position to support him. Therefore, he decided to study an ITI course instead. To pay for the fees, he sold his own computer and started giving tuition classes for pocket money. Today, he’s a successful businessman, having made millions of dollars in the process.

Originally from Jharkhand, Manoj Dey completed his primary and secondary education in Dhanbad, India. After graduating from college, he got an ITI degree. He started his career on YouTube on 24 November 2016, uploading Tech Videos, Youtube Related Videos, and Information Videos. He also uploads Vlog videos. His YouTube channel has over 2.89 million subscribers and he regularly posts videos promoting various products and services.

manoj dey Career

YouTuber Manoj Dey has a huge following and is a popular name in India. His videos range from tech to motivational. He is also a good example for aspiring YouTubers as he has become successful by working hard and being patient. He has also partnered with several YouTubers, including Me Aryan, Apna Rohit Bhai, and Tech Support Ashish.

After Class 12th, Manoj Dey wanted to do higher studies. He wanted to do BTech but his father couldn’t finance the course. To overcome this financial crisis, he decided to enroll in an ITI course. It was at this time that he met his girlfriend. While attending ITI, he was also teaching children on the side.

manoj dey Age And Height

If you’re wondering about the age of Bollywood actor Manoj Dey, you’ve come to the right place. The 25-year-old is currently single and has a hectic schedule. He is primarily concerned with his YouTube channel, but he is rumored to date Jyoti Shree Mahato on occasion. The two are close friends and come from the same village.

In 2016, Manoj Dey started a YouTube channel. By the end of 2018, he had over 2.5 million subscribers. The next year, he was featured in the Hindi video song Fariyaad. Currently, he has 390k followers on his Instagram account.

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