In this Kuruthi movie review, we will take a look at the characters and the story of this Tamil film. Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Shine Tom Chacko, and Mamukkoya are the main characters in this story. You will also get to know more about the movie’s cast. You will also learn about the film’s director, and we will also talk about the music.

Prithviraj Sukumaran

“Kuruthi” is one of the most awaited Malayalam films of the year. The title literally means “holy sacrifice,” and the trailer sketched some dark scenes of revenge. With a man named Ibrahim justifying revenge, this film reaches far beyond the ideals of independence. While the movie features Roshan Mathew as the titular character, Shine Tom Chacko and Murali Gopi round out the cast. Prithviraj Sukumaran is the producer of the film and also plays the villain, Laiq. The film has very good specs, but the screen time is limited. It also features some excellent cinematography, which helps the film stand out from the competition.

Prithviraj’s performance in the film is a masterclass. It elevates the otherwise “stuck in place” movie to an Oscar-worthy level. The actor is convincing as the deranged man bent on revenge. His facial expressions are Oscar-worthy. The entire cast, from the lead to the supporting cast, is terrific. The film is a thrilling ride, but there are a few rough spots.

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Roshan Mathew

As a fan of Prithviraj’s ‘C U SOON’ series, I was delighted to see him in this action film. His performance as a vengeful, irrevocable threat binds the film together and lends it a certain gravitas. The supporting cast, including Srinda and Murali Gopi, also contribute to the film’s success. Although the movie contains some scenes that are inappropriate for kids, it is still enjoyable and worth a watch.

As Ibrahim, Roshan Mathew has a challenging role. His faith is tested, but he is determined to do what is right. As he progresses through the film, he develops his character as the audience’s favorite. His tenderness in portraying his role is particularly impressive, especially after Akbar abandons him. The movie is also an excellent portrayal of the inner turmoil that a character like Ibrahim goes through.


The film has an excellent ensemble cast and is filled with gripping moments. While the subject of the movie is somewhat complex, it is a thoroughly entertaining thriller with an excellent screenplay and direction. The movie is also well-paced, and the music is top-notch. Although the film may not be suitable for everyone, it is well-worth watching. Although its religious message is controversial, the movie is not a total waste of time.

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A memorable character in the film is Moosa Khader, played by the talented Mamukkoya. His wit and clarity of thought make him a standout. He gets one of the best build-ups in the movie, when Ibrahim asks him to bury his body. Khader replies, “where to rot.”

Shine Tom Chacko

Despite being the second-favourite role of Shine Tom Chacko, this film remains uninspiring and forgettable, despite the high quality of the acting and the strong performances of the supporting cast. Prithviraj returns in his role as the antagonist with a mesmerizing performance, while Roshan Mathew portrays the role in a clever manner. Mamukkoya is dashing as Ibru’s father, while Srinda’s Sumathi is a soft-spoken woman with her own opinions, who makes a surprising choice.

Aside from being a top-notch actor, Shine Tom Chacko is a standout as a comic relief. While he was stiff initially, his performance in the role proved to be effective, which kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. Although the film was directed by Sudhir Raman, his directing skills are equally impressive. His cinematography and editing also complement each other well, with the claustrophobic tension in the first minutes being matched by frenzied tension later.

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