This hero movie review looks at the film’s performances, from Ashok Galla’s middle-aged overconfident hero to Nidhi Agerwal’s snake oil merchant. The script is adequate, but a spoof on Boyapati Srinu would have been funnier. The visuals are adequate but the story lacks depth. In any case, the film has the potential to become a classic, and that’s a big reason why it’s a decent movie.

Ashok Galla

Hero is a 2022 Indian Telugu action comedy film directed by Sriram Adittya. It was produced by Amara Raja Media and Entertainment and stars Ashok Galla and Nidhi Agerwal. We reviewed the film to see how it stacks up against its peers in terms of its overall quality. Check out our Hero movie review below. You might be surprised by what you find! Just remember that a review is only as good as its star cast!

As far as the acting goes, Ashok Galla gives Hero his all. His role is vibrant and full of energy. He has a long way to go as a leading man, but his performance in Hero is certainly good enough to keep viewers glued to the screen. Whether or not Galla continues his success in Bollywood depends on the role he gets next. Let’s take a closer look at this film’s main characters.

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Nidhi Agerwal

Is the western opening sequence necessary to set up the story? Sure, but it’s merely to reference Ashok Galla’s lineage in Telugu cinema. We can see this in Ashok’s reference to Krishna’s Mosagallaku Mosagau and Nidhi Agerwal’s references to Ramayana and Mahesh Babu’s Takkari Donga and Jamabare. The film is also surprisingly snazzy, despite its lackluster story and weak performances.

This film is entertaining, and it features a good mix of comedy and parody. The film is visually appealing and contains several chuckles. Moreover, Nidhi Agerwal is a glamorist, so her chemistry with Ashok Galla is perfect. The movie’s ending is also pretty fun and witty. While it’s not the best film of the year, Nidhi Agerwal’s performance in this film is worth the watch.

Sriram Adittya attempts to blend a comedy drama with a crime thriller. Despite the multiple layers of the plot, Hero doesn’t work as a serious film. Its pre and post-climax scenes go horribly awry and make it unwatchable. A better treatment could have saved Hero. While Ghibran’s background music is palatable, the film’s visuals are appealing.

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Ashgar Farhadi

I’m not a fan of Iranian films but I enjoyed Ashgar Farhadi’s latest, Hero, which has a simple premise and a great cast. In the movie, Rahim is a prisoner who discovers a cache of gold. The treasure is worth millions, but will it help him repay his debt and return home? As I said in my review, I didn’t see the movie for the acting, but it was a fun watch.

This film was directed by Asghar Farhadi, the Iranian-born Iranian filmmaker who’s recently received an Academy Award. He’s known for challenging the status quo, and A Hero is no exception. The director plays with the genre, blurring the lines between good and bad, and bringing audiences in for a ride that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking. Asghar Farhadi’s film makes for a genuinely emotional journey, but it also has some serious moments of heartbreak.

Zhang Yimou

In my initial film reviews, I thought that Hero looked like a Chinese remake of Yellow Earth, but I was wrong. Although Zhang Yimou did not direct the film, he was the cinematographer. While the film may look like a Chinese remake, it feels very much like a Western film. While I appreciated the film’s cinematography, I wasn’t blown away by the movie.

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Hero begins with Jet Li telling the Emperor of Qin about his martial exploits. The story is told in flashbacks, with the same events being revealed differently. I find the film’s technique of introducing and unraveling counter-narratives reminiscent of Akira Kurosawa’s RASHOMON. Zhang Yimou handles the building of the tale expertly. Ultimately, HERO is a well-crafted, engrossing film about men and their passions.

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