You have heard of the term Sub-Divisional Officer, or SDO, but do you know the full form of SDO? You’re not alone. This rank is very demanding in the state department of working and ranking, and many office candidates ask for its full form. Learn about this job title in this article. Here, you’ll learn about the full form of SDO, as well as Deputy Assistant Collector (DAC) and Tehsildar (Tehsildar).

Sub Divisional Officer (SDO)

A Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) is a government officer. They work in government departments and are responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire government system. Almost every department has an SDO. They are usually appointed by the state government. This full-time job does not require much education and can be considered a good choice for a new graduate. Here is how to get an SDO job:

To become an SDO, you must first qualify for the State Civil Services Exam or the Public Service Commission examination. The minimum age to become a SDO officer is twenty-one to thirty-two years old. However, you can get a five-year age relaxation if you belong to the SC/ST or OBC category. To become an SDO, you must apply for the position through the Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC conducts an examination for this position annually. All interested candidates can apply and appear for the examination on the scheduled dates.

Deputy Assistant Collector (DAC)

The full form of Deputy Assistant Collector is DAC. The position is a civil officer in the district of a state. They work under the supervision of the magistrate and executive officers. The duties of the SDO include enforcing the laws and implementing the end process. A DAC has great power to prevent and reduce crime. In many states, there are several levels of SDO, ranging from assistant magistrate to superintendent of police.

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A DAC is a special officer who performs different duties. They are responsible for the investigation of the deaths of married women, particularly in districts that are over seven years old. They also have the power to issue passports. They oversee the work of the Revenue agency in their sub division. They also monitor the activities of other departments, such as schools, treasuries, and other public entities. They also conduct appeals under the Land Revenue Act and the Punjab Tenancy Act.

Tehsildar (Tehsildar)

SDO is the short form of Sub Divisional Officer, a civil or judicial officer who oversees various departments of a subdivision. A SDO is also known as a Revenue Officer. The sub divisional officer reports directly to the chief Tehsildar, the deputy commissioner of the sub-little division. As the head of the division, he is also granted certain powers by the Land Revenue Code.

An SDO is the chief civil officer of a sub division. In the government, SDOs can be appointed in different departments. Candidates need to have a Diploma in the relevant Engineering discipline. The age limit of an SDO is 21 to 30 years, and age relaxation is provided for SC/ST applicants. The job description of a SDO is very important, as it relates to various areas of the government.

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Sub Divisional Officer (Tehsildar)

The Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) is the chief civil officer of a sub-division. It is a miniaturized Deputy Commissioner with adequate powers to oversee the work of the district and Tehsildars. In many respects, he is similar to an Assistant Collector with some additional responsibilities. Regardless of his position, the SDO exercises direct control over the Tahsildars and is the normal channel of correspondence between the Deputy Commissioner and Tahsildar.

The SDO also maintains an office, just as the Tahsildar does. Sub-division officers work within their districts, and are the voice of government in the area. They are the liaison between the District Collector and Tahsildar in revenue and law and order matters. Sub-divisional officers also supervise subordinate officials. Generally, a sub-division has three or more sub-division officers, and the SDO serves as the head of the smallest.

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