The abbreviation FL stands for the Full Form of Florida. It is a miscellaneous field, while FLuid stands for Foreign Language Academic & Science – Education. Let’s see what each one means and how to use it properly. Here are some examples of FL abbreviations:

Femur Length

Fetal femur length (FL) is a characteristic of skeletal dysplasia, a condition where the length of the long bones of the fetus is significantly below the fifth or tenth percentile of the gestational age. It has been associated with skeletal dysplasia, chromosomal abnormalities, growth restriction, and small-for-gestational age neonates. Although femur length is a useful tool for diagnosis of skeletal dysplasia, it does not always indicate disease. In fact, it is not a reliable diagnostic tool.

The purpose of FL measurement is to determine the length of the femur and to estimate the stature of the deceased. The measurement of femoral fragments is also a vital aspect of identification in medical issues. In a Norwegian study, FL was measured serially with 2D ultrasound in 625 fetuses. The tracking was evaluated by Pearson correlation and generalized estimating equation models.

  Full Form of Sci

Although the FL is a mandatory measurement, it is also used for detection of thanatophoric dysplasia in the first trimester. The BPD/FL ratio was calculated from records of sonographic measurements of 24 cases of thanatophoric dysplasia. The BPD/FL ratio was then compared with those of 1395 control cases with no skeletal dysplasia.

FLuid Medical – Physiology

FLuid is a water-based liquid that contains essential cells and ions that carry the products of metabolism and other chemicals around the body. Physiologists use fluid to better understand how the human body functions. The field also helps scientists better understand disease. Scientists working in this field study the body’s chemistry and physics. These scientists help us understand the basic functions of our bodies and how they’re affected by illness.

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