You have probably heard of the full form of boc and wondered what it stands for. It is short for bank of ceylon, but it is actually the full form of a more complex term. Besides, this acronym is used in a variety of different places, from the Battle of Chancellorsville to the Bell Operating Company (USA).

Battle of Chancellorsville

The Union’s fifth, eleventh, and twelfth corps reunite on the south side of the Rappahannock River and march eastward to outflank Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Union troops camp near Chancellorsville. In the meantime, Confederate general Robert E. Lee leaves a small force in Fredericksburg and marches the rest of his army west to face the Union. After a lengthy battle, the two armies finally meet near Chancellorsville.

The battle began with the Union’s defending its lines around Chancellorsville. The Confederate forces had just begun deploying their heavy guns on the Turnpike. Stuart’s massive attack weakened the Union’s right flank and resulted in 2,500 casualties for the Union. The Union commander, Johnston, was killed, while Stuart’s force suffered 2,500 casualties. After the battle, Stuart’s men were caught in the Union’s lines and he had no way to escape.

Bank of Ceylon

The Bank of Ceylon full form is a reference to the country’s banking system. It was established in 1937 by the British government as a branch of their overseas banking network to support their government-owned enterprises. The BOC was successful at expanding its branch network outside of Colombo in 1941, opening branches in Kandy, Galle, and Trincomalee. It later added branches in other major cities, including Pandura, Badulla, and Tricomalee.

The Bank of Ceylon is the main commercial bank in Sri Lanka and is owned by the government. It has its headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and features a nationwide network of 628 branches, 689 ATMs, 23 CDM networks, 15 regional credit centers, and an offshore banking unit. It also has a subsidiary in London and three branches in Chennai. With over a century of experience in banking, Bank of Ceylon has become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

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Bell Operating Company (USA)

The American Telephone & Telegraph Company, better known as AT&T, was the target of an antitrust suit in the United States by the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice ordered AT&T to divest local exchange service operating companies, which the company did in January 1982. This decision led to a tidal wave of consolidation within the telephone industry. The Bell Operating Company (USA) was one of those companies.

Before RBOC, there were seven regional carriers known as RBOCs, each consisting of two or more BOCs. The original RBOCs included Ameritech, BellSouth, Southwestern Bell, and U S WEST. Each of these companies provided local loop services to much of the United States. In addition to these RBOCs, there were also several independent local exchange carriers. While many people do not know much about them, they are still familiar with them as the Bell Operating Company.


The full form of the bank’s acronym is AFDB. The AfDB’s operations are country focused, with its lending priorities largely driven by its infrastructure sector. Infrastructure includes power supply, water and sanitation, transport, and communications. Historically, this sector has received the greatest share of AfDB lending. Hence, its 2003-2007 Strategic Plan emphasized this sector as the bank’s priority area.

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With a long history of development work, the AfDB’s convening power, and strong expertise in Africa make it a good choice to invest in the continent. With 35 country offices across the continent, the AfDB is considered a peer institution by many African governments and plays an important role as a trusted advisor and regional leader. The bank’s board of directors and management has also acknowledged its importance in developing countries in the region, and should be strengthened as a result.


The acronym RMGB stands for Rajasthan Marudhara Gramin Bank and it has 2 different meanings. It is an amalgamation of various terms related to Business, Office, and Officer. There are 2 meaning tables for RMGB, so you can use either one to determine the meaning of the acronym. To use the other meaning, you have to search for the same term in different terminology. These tables are found in the following sections.


The Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank is a renowned commercial bank in the northern part of the country. The bank originated as seven Regional Rural Banks that merged to form the UBKGB. Earlier, the Banks were located in Gopalganj and Kosi. Today, the bank is headquartered in Colombo. However, the UBKGB also has branches in Kolkata and Delhi.

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