This Forensic movie review is written based on the sequel to Anjaam Paathira. The movie follows a similar formula, a cliched twist, and a lack of depth. Sadly, it is not a movie I’d recommend. You can read my full Forensic movie review by clicking the link below. If you’re curious about the film, I’ve included a trailer.

Forensic is a sequel to Anjaam Paathira

Forensic is a crime thriller which takes the audience on a roller coaster ride. It begins on the day that a missing girl’s body is discovered. The film follows the story of a young forensic analyst and the murder mystery he uncovers. The film is a well-crafted cinematic thriller which is sure to appeal to both forensic and investigative thriller fans.

This thriller film, which follows the events in the first film, explores the world of forensics from the point of view of a forensic officer. This perspective is rarely explored in Malayalam movies, and it makes Forensic a stand-out thriller. It is set to hit the screens in the early months of 2020. Kunchacko Boban is expected to reprise his role as Anwar Hussain.

It follows a commercial formula

This film is a suspense thriller, but it also follows a commercial formula for forensic movie reviews. The story has multiple twists and turns, so you’re never sure which character will be the killer. The film is not without its charms, though, and its star cast is surprisingly impressive. But the film follows a formula that many films fail to follow. There are some things you should watch before you watch this movie, and we’ll discuss these things in this Forensic movie review.

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The film follows a commercial formula for crime thrillers, and features Mamta Mohandas and Tovino Thomas. Thomas plays a convincing forensic expert, while Mohandas is a single mother who is assigned to investigate a crime. Other actors, including Renji Pancker and Reba Monica John, are also featured in the film. The film was shot in Kerala and features the music of Jakes Bejoy.

It has a cliched twist

The word cliche comes from the French, and refers to something that is overused and unoriginal. Cliches also refer to tropes, literary figures of speech that use words in ways other than their literal meaning. Major tropes include metaphor, simile, metonymy, irony, personification, and hyperbole. Often, people use these tropes in everyday conversation.

A cliched twist is a plot twist that has a dramatic effect, but is a slap in the face of the main theme. The most common example is when a story’s hero saves the world. A writer can either completely abandon the trope or use it as an opportunity to twist the reader’s expectations. Tolkien, for example, copied a cliche from a Medieval tale.

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It lacks depth

Forensic has an interesting premise and a few twists in the screenplay, but it lacks depth and emotion. While the performances of Nikhita Gandhi and Nimrat Kaur are solid, it feels flat in comparison. The lack of a subtle, yet effective mood is a significant turnoff. Jakes Bejoy’s score also feels a little too overbearing, trying too hard to evoke chills.

The film largely falls into two categories: mystery thriller and gritty crime. While both are entertaining, there is a definite lack of depth to Forensic. The film is bloated with unnecessary scenes and is too slow in spots. There are also some weak points, like the shaky screenplay and underdeveloped characters. The film also lacks emotional depth, and it lacks any sort of USP. It lacks a strong, gripping climax, which would have helped the film to be an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

It needs better filmmaking

A forensic movie review needs to acknowledge that this crime thriller isn’t a great example of a genre that can be improved. Despite attempting to be different, this crime thriller still falls flat. While it does have its moments of brilliance, it’s difficult to say that the film’s writing is consistently high-quality. Forensic has its ups and downs, and I hope that the director’s next feature film will address these issues.

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The story is too predictable. The origin story of the serial killer is weak, and we should have seen more of it. The background score by Jakes Bejoy is jarring at certain points, but otherwise works nicely. A little better filmmaking would have helped this film avoid becoming a mediocre middle-of-the-road effort. It would have been much more engaging had Anjaam Pathiraa stayed offscreen until the end of the movie to reveal her identity. Despite the solid script, Forensic is ultimately a middle of the road effort that could have been much more exciting.

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