Elvis Movie Review – Austin Butler, Baz Luhrmann, and More

In this Elvis movie review, we’ll discuss Austin Butler’s performance as the young King, the style and production of Baz Luhrmann’s elvis film, and more. But what is it about the film’s style that makes it so memorable? And how does it measure up against the original? There’s much more to this film than simply its star, so let’s dig into the specifics of these elements.

Austin Butler’s performance as Elvis

The star’s performance in “The King Is Dead” is a stunning success. Butler captures the charisma and unbridled sexuality of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. As a result, viewers can expect to experience the same euphoria as Presley when they watch the film. Butler’s dazzling performance as Elvis has earned him several awards and nominations, and the movie is one of the best of its kind.

Performing in front of a live audience, Butler delivers an evocative performance. He nailed the unique voice, dance movements, and crooning style of the King. At the same time, he presented himself as a cool, sophisticated man. In some ways, this is an apt portrayal of the king, and Butler is a brilliant choice. While there are a few aspects that could have been explored more, Butler’s performance is powerful and deserves further attention.

Luhrmann’s style in elvis movie

The film is full of restless camera movements. The opening minutes are spent swooping around the model of Las Vegas. Later, the film mashes up blues and hip hop (when Elvis visits Memphis) with the likes of Doja Cat. While some of the film’s more controversial moments are not explored in the movie, the overall style is a refreshing departure from Luhrmann’s usual style.

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Luhrmann is known for his flair for spectacle, and his style in this Elvis movie is no exception. This biopic follows the rise and fall of the legendary singer. It also focuses on more universal issues that are relevant to today’s audiences. A number of the film’s key themes are rooted in lust. For example, the movie’s characters are all horny for Elvis and Butler. Similarly, the movie also explores the complexities of race relations, gender, and sexuality in the modern world.

Production design

The production design of Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis bio falls somewhere between Bohemian Rhapsody and the glitzy extravaganzas of “Rocketman.” Though the film does not stray far from the myth of Presley as a king, it settles for big charged musical sequences. Moreover, the movie omits some important details of the life of Elvis Presley, including his close relationship with Black musicians and culture.

During filming, Tom Hanks traveled to Australia to capture the spirit of Elvis. Baz Luhrmann, the director of The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge! in 2001, was inspired to re-create the star’s later years in his adopted country. To accomplish this goal, he enlisted the help of a team of Australian VFX specialists and worked with a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the desired look.

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There’s something inherently unsatisfying about this film’s pacing. This movie only covers a small chunk of Elvis’ life in ridiculously short montages, and it doesn’t leave much time for audiences to process major events. A scene where the star meets his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla, at the time she’s 14 years old, is a case in point.

At the beginning, “Elvis” seems to be begging its audience to stick around. This might have worked better if the film hadn’t been so blatantly biographical. But despite this flaw, “Elvis” does ask the right questions about the King of Rock and Roll, making it clear just why his legacy will endure for decades to come. Pacing is a critical part of a film, and the Elvis movie doesn’t deliver on both counts.

Musical numbers

The first two musical numbers in the Elvis movie were both commercial hits, with the former being “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” and “It’s Now or Never.” Both are based on Lowell Fulson’s 1954 blues standard. The vocals were as sharp as ever, and backing band member Boots Randolph contributed sax breaks. The film’s musical numbers are thematically-driven and integrated into the narrative. The film’s ending – “Mystery Train” – was particularly powerful.

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The soundtrack of “Elvis” includes 71 full songs from the film, 36 OST tracks, and 3 trailer tracks. Additionally, the album includes scores and credits, along with 35 other tune playlists. It also features a Christmas scene ad for Singer and the movie’s original motion picture score. There are no shortage of musical numbers in this film, which are sure to delight fans. In fact, a full soundtrack for the film is almost as long as the movie’s original.

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