If you are looking for a behindwoods movie review, then you are in the right place. The movie is an excellent drama that is a must-see for fans of Arjun Reddy, whose career started as a child actor. You can check out Arjun’s other films in the list of top Indian actors. The actors in this film are equally talented, with a few exceptions. In my behindwoods movie review, I will discuss some of the highlights of the movie.

Arjun Reddy

Is Arjun Reddy a new sensation for Telugu cinema? This movie is the first film for the actor after Kshanam in the last ten years to defy the norms of Telugu cinema. But, does he live up to expectations? Does his dog, Preethi, have the same level of charisma as Arjun Reddy? Let’s find out.

The film begins with the protagonist’s life at an impoverished point, and we follow his downward spiral. He loses his job, his girlfriend, and everything he’s ever known. He ends up in a court of law and has to face the consequences of his crime. His lawyer, Kamal Kamaraju, and brother, Vijay Devarakonda, try to help him face his court date. Meanwhile, Arjun begins to see himself in the mirror and shows signs of self-loathing.

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Is Arjun Reddy in Behindwoods worth watching? The reviewer’s consensus on this film is that it is. The film is an action comedy with an interesting premise, and the actor’s performance is top notch. This film is highly recommended for fans of the genre, and I was glad to watch it after watching Valimai. There are also several other notable actors who play recurring roles in the film, including Arjun Reddy and Huma Qureshi.

While the film has its moments of brilliance, it has many flaws. It’s mass-content, with cliche dialogues and a stereotypical love story. It is also rife with silly moments and cliched dialogues. The film is not for the serious cinephile and if you’re a telugu movie fan, you probably won’t like this. Sadly, the film has no originality.

The film was originally scheduled for release on 8 November, but distribution issues scuttled its release. It was finally released in India on 21 November, and the rest of the world the following day. Critics praised the performance of Dhruv and the film’s adaptation of the original. The actor won the Best Debut Actor Award at the 13th Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards and Zee Cine Awards Tamil.

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The film uses plenty of cuss words and obscene expletives, and even a kiss that was widely publicized. Despite being a Telugu film, the climax of the movie is a tense football game. As the hero is not a professional football player, his beard is a result of a violent fracas on the football field. His character defends himself by saying that football is a violent sport, and he plays for the satisfaction.

The acting is generally good, but it lacks a lot of variety. The heroin side-plot was unnecessary and did not contribute to the story. Despite that, it is a welcome change in Tollywood, and it’s great to see the formulaic trend in Telugu movies fading away. However, it’s not enough to justify its high price tag. While Arjun Reddy’s performance is exemplary, the film’s pacing and execution could be sexier.

The story is based on a true story, and it is a realistic one. The plot involves two childhood friends. One is a boy, and the other is a girl. The film starts out with the characters having an intense friendship. In between, the two fall in love, and the relationship is over. The two girls bond over the same thing, and the character becomes more than just a friend.

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