Aarattu is a Tamil film directed by B Unnikrishnan and produced by RD Illuminations. The movie is a mass entertainer with a Silly script and silly subplots, which might turn off the die-hard Mohanlal fans. However, it’s an excellent show for the rest of us. This review will explain whether the film is worth your time or not.

Unrealistic mass entertainer

Aaraattu is a critically-acclaimed project with Mohanlal in the lead. It has been touted as a ‘unrealistic mass entertainer’. The closing credits even contain the line ‘An Unrealistic Mass Entertainer’. This may be a way of poking fun at the Malayali audience, or the ‘new wave’ of Malayalam cinema.

Aaraattu is no longer regarded as the worst Mohanlal film. The mediocre acting, direction, and writing make this a mass entertainer that is worth a watch if you’re a fan of the actor. However, the lackluster storyline and dated dialogues keep it from being a great movie. There are several strong performances, but the movie lacks a solid storyline.

Silly script

The self-referential script in ‘Aarattu’ is as self-evident as the film’s cliched characters. The film’s characters include Mohanlal, who plays an unhinged character, and Shraddha Srinath, who plays the stereotypical female character. The movie’s running time is almost three hours. It’s just as bad as its stars, though.

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There are some moments in Aarattu that make the film genuinely entertaining, including a memorable Mohanlal performance. The film has a vibrant, colourful cinematography, but a lack of consistency that makes it seem like it could have been cut shorter. Unlike Shylock, Aarattu lacks the self-awareness to succeed. Instead, it ends up being a silly mass film.

Unrealistic subplots

In Aarattu movie review, I have cited several ‘unrealistic’ elements as well as some ‘unrealistic’ dialogue to highlight the film’s shortcomings. In particular, the film is riddled with cliches and double entendres. The film’s protagonist lashes out at a cop and makes a sexist comment, while another character calls himself ‘die-hard fan of Dileep’ and’swappa’. Another ‘unrealistic’ aspect of the movie is that the cliches are used to further an unimaginative plot.

Another ‘unrealistic’ element in Aarattu movie review is the film’s ending credits, which include the line ‘An Unrealistic Mass Entertainer’. The subtitle is probably intended to mock the Malayali audience and the new wave of Malayalam cinema. However, it is also a disservice to the actor who is the star of this movie.

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Mohanlal show for die-hard fans

The Aarattu movie has been a hit with audiences across the world. Mohanlal was a standout star in this movie, despite the fact that it has many faults. The movie has a rocky start, with references to his famous Aarattu movie littering the movie’s first half. Once it hits a certain point, though, it begins to feel a bit clunky. Mohanlal’s performance is, however, quite impressive, and there are several gimmicks in the movie to distract from that.

Aarattu is a full-on mass entertainer, and Mohanlal is expected to play a role he has never played before. The film features Mohanlal playing a ‘goon’ in Muthalakota, a township being built on an 18-acre paddy field. The movie also features a powerful RDO (Shraddha Srinath), a woman who resists the landowner’s illegal use of his land, and a group of villagers who grow organic vegetables on their unused lands.

Unrealistic screenplay

Aaraattu is a very unrealistic movie with cringe-worthy concepts of heroism, dialogues with double meanings and a love story that makes the women in the film scream in lust. Writer Udayakrishna has been known to make ‘unrealistic entertainers’ like this before, but he hasn’t compromised on his writing skills in this film.

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Despite the fact that it’s spoofing the classic Mohanlal blockbusters, Aarattu does not lag. Its first half is filled with mindless action, with few lulls in its 2 hour 45 minute running time. Ultimately, the film is a tribute to Mohanlal’s entire career, spoofing his mass dialogues and celebrating his star power.

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