Penny The Dreadful album cover
A Ballad From Hell - Music Video from the album Penny The Dreadful

"A Ballad From Hell" Music Video

How To Rob A Bank - Music Video from the album Penny The Dreadful

"How To Rob A Bank" Music Video

Those Mockingbirds

The names and faces here are not what matters. What matters is the ingrained desire and effort to make music that resonates; music that can be felt in the pit of the stomach. And, above all, music that matters. A delicate and fragile balance of influences and sounds is what defines Those Mockingbirds. It could be a distorted guitar, ambient vibes, or the combination comprised of male and female vocals. It may seem like the pieces of the puzzle are spread all over the table while in reality they're creating a single picture that all makes sense.

Those Mockingbirds’ debut full-length album is slated for release in early 2014, with the title to be determined. Working with engineers Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, MUTEMATH) and Dean Baltulonis (The Hold Steady), the band planted themselves at the Wild Arctic Studios in Portsmouth, NH. Leaving their home base and their everyday lives meant a full commitment to the music. More importantly, it meant more time with each other. The creative process and the tension it brings is what drives Those Mockingbirds. Each member is more than comfortable with critiquing, editing, even scrapping other members ideas, because when it comes down to it, they aren’t just vehicles for their respective instruments. Those Mockingbirds is a collective that came together to build something worth building.

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